Another post on homosexuality.

I’ve shared my thoughts with you.

Now, I want to share someone else’s with you.

Her name is Jenna.  She’s a well-known blogger and is an active member of the Mormon faith.  Jenna and I have become internet friends and she is someone whom I respect, admire, and enjoy learning from.

I don’t share her religion, but I do share her faith in God.

When I began sharing with the world about this relationship between Manda and me, Jenna was one person I was scared would shun me because of her religion.

Click here to read about Jenna’s thoughts on homosexuality.  I’m so impressed with her writing and moved by her words.

In fact, her words move me to tears.

2 Responses to “Another post on homosexuality.”

  1. Jenna Says:

    Kari this post was so meaningful for me. You, and so many others, are the reason I wanted to write my post. Because I wanted it to be out in the open so that I could form relationships with more people and not have friends wondering what I secretly might be thinking of them.

    I’m glad we are friends.

  2. The Awakening: Where I Am Now and Why I’m Staying - That Wife Says:

    [...] accusations of hypocrisy, and that I continue to develop relationships with kind people like Kari.  I like questioning things. Questioning everything actually. I have several boxes on a shelf in [...]

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